Internal SEO checklist

Internal SEO checklist is important because Internal SEO is a process that optimizes the factors of a site and, as a result, gives the position of the site in Google search results. Some principles and rules must be done correctly and consistently to earn a higher rank. In this article, we have collected a complete and comprehensive list of internal SEO for you and provided you with solutions to increase organic site traffic. This list is prepared for both beginners and professional SEOs so that you can improve your performance with the latest information. This list contains all the key points that you can use to achieve high positions in this market competition.

Internal SEO site

To improve ranking in search results, Google has two algorithms: internal site and external site. The total that is done inside the site to achieve better results is called internal SEO. Website optimization is done by webmasters who are experts. They have to go through a process of content creation, coding, implementation, and implementation of the technical structure. The internal site must be in good condition to be able to apply for external SEO. First of all, it is necessary to fix the errors and defects of the site to use SEO techniques to improve the position. External SEO can also be done outside the internal space of the site. But its effects improve the site.

Important internal SEO checklist items

The two sections of technical SEO and SEO are important items in the internal SEO directory. The structural or technical problem confuses the user and prevents him from reaching his goal and leaving the site without performance. You should use responsive templates to solve this problem and the site’s loading speed should be standard. The second case is SEO, which destroys black hat SEO. The vastly increased content and efforts of the authors create exclusive production territories. Moreover, Google also gives more credit to special and unique tools and they need users to provide users with a good site.

Importance of internal SEO checklist

As mentioned, the collection that is done to improve the position of the site is called the internal index of the site. All the items in the list are needed to achieve the goal and improve the site’s rank. There is a direct relationship between these factors should do it, because if the internal rules and regulations of the implementation try to achieve better ranks, it will be fruitless.

Optimize images

Images and photos have a great impact on the attractiveness of the content and make the user more interested in reading the content. One of the most important factors that affects the internal SEO of the site is photo optimization.

Use keywords in the URL

It is necessary to use keywords in URL because it is an introduction letter for the site. By doing this, you tell the user what topic is on this page. It is better for the URL to be short, concise and readable as much as possible.

Link to reputable sites

To increase the credibility of your site, you can link some phrases in the text to sites that are valid. Google is smart and can understand this process and optimize your site.

Do internal linking

Another thing that can improve the position and rank of the site is internal link building. In addition, Internal linking should link the pages of the site together. As a result, the user can easily access all the content and use the entire site without searching again. That is why experts call a site without internal linking a dead site.

Use keywords in the meta description

The meta description is located in the search results under the title and briefly introduces the site. Therefore, You should use the keyword in the meta description because it is very important in the new Google algorithm.

Avoid using overuse of keyword

In the internal SEO checklist, you must make sure that you are not using the keyword for several pages. That is why expert call this mode cannibalization, which leads to a decrease in the ranking of the site.

Write unique content

In content production, you shouldn’t copy content. You should write words and phrases as simple as possible and encourage users to continue reading.

Follow your competitors

It is necessary to identify your competitors and check their actions in different periods of time. You can use competitor queries to start your keyword research. Following your competitors is very important and is by no means a waste of time. You should not ignore your competitors, you can estimate their next moves by observing them.

Using the search console tool to check the site

Search console is a very important and practical tool that reports good information about the performance of the site. You can increase traffic and organic search visibility with this tool. Daily, you can see detailed statistics of your site in the search console and get good results. In the internal SEO checklist, the search console is one of the most important items.

If you use WordPress, install an SEO plugin

Be sure to use an SEO plugin to optimize your WordPress site. There are many plugins with useful features that you can use to improve your ranking.

Create a sitemap

To help Google decide which pages to crawl, set up a sitemap. Sitemap is a list of URLs containing your main content.


Lastly, due to the expansion of internet businesses, digital marketing agencies are also increasing to provide SEO services for online business owners. These agencies’ first and most important task is to prepare and provide an internal SEO checklist to implement the site roadmap for their clients. Internal SEO has a significant effect on increasing the ranking. Moreover, Compliance with all the relevant principles can be a great help to improve and improve the position of the site.

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